Saturday, December 04, 2010


So, the whole complaining thing in the posting before was a total waste of space, mind, and probably soul. My friends, correction: my BESTfriends throw me surprises :) The first one was from my campus friends, they tried to make me believe that another friend of mine whose birthday's the same with mine got a surprise, but not me. They let me sat there watching that girl's surprise :p Then we went to Pancious Taman Anggrek and ate there. And after we finished eating, they give me cake and song blah blah.

After that I go home and wanting to tell my besties about a funny story, but funnily none of them are online. So I text them and none of them replied. Haha. But then as I was playing computer, listening to this exact song that I'm playing at the moment (Olive - You), Silvie and Laura broke into my room and tied me with some sort of towel (yes I know.), and blindfold me with some sort of cloth but I couldn't really figure what that is (and don't really care anyway). Soo, they took on this car ride for about 20 minutes and I can't stop babbling. Haha.

So it turned out really great! Plus, we get to go out at 11.30 P.M! And I got back home at 1 XD


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