Friday, June 07, 2013

Oui, Je Sais!

Yes, I Know!

I know I wasn't suppose to post blog while having so many homework to do.
Yes, I am panicking but at least this one is nearly finished, so...

I haven't write in this blog for like FOREVER.
And I LOVE writing. I have a new blog, trying to start over and all.. But it turned out to be just an online diary for me, because nobody's reading it--not that there's anything wrong with that :p

But anyway, here's the link

I posted mostly about what I thought, so...
Yeah, it's gonna be weird! HAHA

I started studying French on May 2012. It felt like it was just yesterday!
Currently I'm in waiting for my exam's score.. I'm currently on level A2.2 ongoing to A2.3 :)
But I still can't think on my feet when it comes to speaking French :( My listening for it is also kinda poor :p So.... I'll have to practice more..

I contacted Florian today.
He has quit from medicine college, and now studying life and earth science.. How cool is that?
I hope I get to see him again someday, in France. Or in here? Haha
Even if I were to have my Master Degree in France, it'd be in Nantes, so it's still quite far from Nice, where he lives. He's a very nice person I think :)

I still couldn't find Tony :(
I liked him too back then.. I hope he's okay..
I told him to invite me, but I guess he forgot -_- or simply don't care :p
Well, I wished him and Belinda all the luck and love in this world :D
God bless them and longlast!

So, I think I might wanna get back to my homework -_-
Bye now :D

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