Saturday, November 20, 2010


In many ways I'd see myself as Ted. The person who keeps hoping, waiting, crossing fingers for that one thing. The One. Oops. I guess I jumped a little. Yes, I have been watching How I Met Your Mother. Recently, like one hour ago, I just finished season 5. And I can't wait for the 6th! Gosh.

So anyways, like I said before, I'm like Ted in one or two ways. In some part I do have a couple as my best friends, and I do have my own "gang". What's lacking is probably our own "booth" at "McLaren's" :p But that doesn't stop us from hanging out you know.

Actually I was about to write something I thought important, but now it's gone. I guess it's probably not so important after all. Well, just talk about myself, then. Where were we? Yes, like Ted. No, not the part where he got left at the altar, and probably not the part where he is friends with Robin, his ex. But it is alike when it comes to the best friends part, the gang, the hanging out, the fun, the silly jokes, the hopeless romantic he is. Now, that last part was quite true. He keeps waiting for the right one, for The One. He thought he had found "it", but the so-called-"it" left him at the very moment of his wedding. Now, now. If I see it, it's his own fault. Why would he bring Stella's ex to the wedding? But at that time, it seemed like the right thing to do. But from this mistakes, we know that she's not the one for him. Sure it hurts. Being left for her ex who hasn't propose to her even though their already in a relationship for 8 years and had a 7 year-old daughter together. But it told Ted something, didn't it? Imagine, what if Ted didn't invite Tony to their wedding? Stella would probably with Ted now, but sooner or later, their gonna break up anyway. And it'll cost more damage.

Hm. I do tend do get lost in explaining the movie I love. Sooo, I guess what I've been trying to say is.. I have to be patient. And this Ted character gives me that. Don't ever stop loving. Don't stop searching. And more importantly, don't, seriously, DON'T ever stop hoping. Because when you stop hoping, you stop searching, and when you stop searching, you stop loving. And the cycle goes cruel.

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