Sunday, November 14, 2010

In Memoriam: Ludy Colias

A person's life is like a song. At some point it started, and the next thing you know it ended..
How people respond to that "song" is also different from one another.
Why am I telling you this?
Well. I was on my way to the church, in anger (don't ask). Then my Mom's cell rang. It was my uncle. He told my mom that my sick uncle has just passed away. 9.15 AM.
He, Ludy Colias, was a fine man. And I'm not just telling this because I have to. He cares about his family, he's kind, wise in his own ways.. Since my mom's parents passed away, he's been like their replacement, in a very good way, of course.
So now I'm writing this, and playing Maroon 5 song titled "Out of Goodbyes" (ft. Lady Antebellum) in dedication for him..
I never got the chance to visit him while he's still in the hospital.. Last night when Mom and Dad went there, there's an urge to go there with them.. But I was too lazy to do it.. Besides, they went right after some kind of meeting in the church..
Well, I remember I said this before,
"Orang mati didoain supaya diterima di Sorga.. supaya dosanya diampunin semua.. Buat apa coba?"
I still think like that, but.. it's different now.
I know why.
Because they love that person.
Goodbye, Tuaku.. We'll miss you.
Rest in peace..

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