Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Beautiful Because I Am Me!

So, I've been living a really nice life lately. So many days spent out of school.. But that doesn't really make me feel good though. I still have lots and lots of things. Well, it's like my brain is absorbed by school.
Anyway, it's been a really long while since the posting of mine.. I don't really know what to write though.. Yesterday I just finished a Meg Cabot book titled Jinx. It really is a pretty great book. Yep, in English and I managed to finished it out! I'm so happy, hehe.
The way that I feel lately is kinda nice too, actually. Despite the fact that 'it' started to haunted me again. Huff. I also considering a make over for my hair. But I don't know whether I'm gonna really do it or not.. O yeah, in case you're wondering, I'm posting with my Nottie, my new HP notebook =))
There's a lot going on in my life and sometimes it drives me crazy. But there are actually some things that support me. Like today, I turned my channel to Hallmark Channel *yes, i've been watching hallmark for quite some time now* and found a movie titled Beautiful Girl. The movie is about a girl *a plus-sized one* that seems to have a perfect life because she sees everything with a different eyes, she happy and accepting about who she is and she shows that to the world. She has a gorgeuos fiance whose name I can't remember, but I remembered he also play as The Gooch in a sitcom titled Hope & Faith. He is totally cute =) By the way, one day, the girl decided to enter a beauty pageant to become Miss Pittsbrough. Then she got addicted to beauty, or so as Fran Drescher who played as her mother said to her. She started slow with manicure and pedicure, but move so fast then. She change everything about her, but no, she didn't become slim though. Hehe. She changed her hairstyle and all. Long story short, she wins the pageant as the second runner up with her being herself. She managed to change her looks to who she really are before the competition begun. Well, last but not least, that movie tells me a really valuable lesson.
"I'm beautiful because I am me. When I believe that I'm beautiful, you're gonna believe it too. And I'm gonna show the world that I am beautiful."
*with my own words of course..^^*

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