Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Collecting Cousins

Let me tell you something about my family. It is SO BIG, I barely know some of my cousins. Besides, some of them live afar, anyways. And not to mention the ones that we (my brothers and I) can no longer see because of the divorce they parents had. It's been a dream of mine to know all of my cousins. You know, it's kinda cool to have a big family with everyone having the same surname as you do. Okay, that might not make any sense, but still.. Ah, what am I talking about? The cousins that live near me are also unapproachable. Why? I don't know. Sometimes I just feel like I'm not me when it comes to having conversations with my cousins. They are near, yes, geographically speaking, but inside, it's not that simple.

Yeah sure, some knows me for the way I am, but that's only because we're going to the-almost-same school. Almost means.. well, yes, almost. Others, barely know me at all.. I don't blame anyone for this, really. This is probably for the best anyway. But I still want to know them when I get the chance. You know, just to let them know I exist. Besides, it's kinda strange. Think about it. If I ended up in BINUS, I would be going to the same university with my cousin (from Mom's side), which, truthfully, I've never met, even ONCE in my whole 18+ years. So, imagine how AWKWARD it would be. And funny.. wait, actually no, it's rather embarrassing, if I know that he IS my cousin, while he doesn't. How does this happen? Isn't family suppose to, AT LEAST, know each other? It's just weird. And to think about it, maybe I am weirder because I only think about this recently. After I collect my cousins on Facebook, honestly.

Most of them (the ones I've never met) are my friends--on Facebook--now. But I still got three missing cousins. From the same family. Hm. I sure hope one day I could finally meet them and know them. It's still cool to have a doctor-to-be as a cousin :) Not that I'm saying the other two wouldn't be a great addition to the whole family. I could only wonder when that day would finally come..


nastahamid said...

same here, Efka :) i even have cousin aged 40years old. she's the oldest cousin of mine. :) hihi. i dont remember names of all of them. including my aunty n uncle, as my dad has 7siblings. so i just call them aunty n uncle. in addition, i barely meet them..sometimes once a year, sometimes not even once in a year. they live so far. london, perth, SG, sydney, melb..huwah!

Anonymous said...

salam kenal ^^!