Sunday, December 27, 2009

Almost New Year!

It's almost new year and I think it'd be cool to have at least another post before this year ends, so.. here it goes. Haha. Nothing much really. In this blog, though, I prefer to write about him. He has been there in my heart since the first time I saw him. He has a very nice smile, and I guess that's just it. So many people ask me this same question, 'how come', 'why', etc, and I guess that's just it, at the first time, of course. He smiled to my friend, and I couldn't help not to ask my lovely friend who that was. And so on.

But it's just now that I realized that I may be in love with a shadow. I mean, HELLO? He's definitely not feeling anything towards me. But he is kind enough to want to be my friend, you know. I shared my story with another boy with him once, and he gave me a really really wise answer and support.

AH! He's in Jakarta now :)
But I don't know until when. Haha. I'm afraid to ask. I don't want to be too interfering you know... Well... December 30th is coming up.. I really can hardly wait until then! It's gonna be so much fun and thrilling! HAHA!


velia said...

kayanya gw bisa menebak. tapi ga yakin. haha

Charletta Felicia said...

hahaha. tebak lahh