Thursday, October 09, 2008

Heck Hectic

Well, gag da topik sih ni malem. But next week is a pretty hectic week for me. On Monday, I have to perform this aerobic thingy, on Wed I have to perform my poem musicalization *is this even a word?* in front of everyone in school and not to mention this stupid economy test. Eww. On Thu I have this History test. Eventough I DO actually like History, doesn't mean I want to have History test that day. I prefer to sleep than to study for those stupid tests. And on Friday, I have Chinese Test and Accounting Remedy. Argh. I thought Social students're suppose to have fun all the time! What the heck with this hectic thingy? Anyway, this afternoon at school, I asked Kaka to teach me some German, and finally I can say a few words. Hoho. But I can't say funf perfectly. Whatever.. Hehe..^^v
Well, anyway, I really really need to sleep. My eyes can't see right anymore. Damn. Huaaaaahmm..

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Silvie said...

For me, next week is science week. I'm going to have math, physics, nd chemistry test. Plus Mandarin test and Muspi (like you)...